The term Conventional Wisdom is often credited to the economist John Kenneth Galbraith, who used it in his 1958 book The Affluent Society…..

‘It will be convenient to have a name for the ideas which are esteemed at any time for their acceptability, and it should be a term that emphasizes this predictability. I shall refer to these ideas henceforth as the conventional wisdom.’

Conventional Wisdom @ bulthaup is a series of exclusive invitation-only events at the bulthaup showroom on the corner of Robertson and Third St. in Los Angeles. The series will present exciting ideas expressed though experts who are renowned and well respected in their fields. One night will feature a multi course dinner by a prestigious chef. Another night will be an insightful, inspired wine tasting with an esteemed sommelier. Other events will present a noteworthy author, an award-winning architect, an accomplished actor, a prominent musician. The list is endless, but the promise of each event being exclusive, thought-provoking and enlightening will always remain.

Why bulthaup?

bulthaup is the market leader of design oriented kitchens as well as a pioneer in the industry. The company is known for exceptionally high quality craftmanship and materials. bulthaup represents love of architecture and contemporary design with authenticity in function and material. The most important factors of bulthaup kitchens are enjoyment, cooking and communication. The kitchen is seen as a living space. That’s why we find bulthaup the perfect venue for our innovative and inspiring events.

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